The 6 Principles that Drive Mind-Brain-Education

What are the limits of the human brain? How do we learn best? How can we aid and support our children in reaching their full potential as students?


20 Apr 2018|Editor

Entrepreneurs of Learning, by ITSI CEO: Lieb Liebenberg

What would happen if we start to talk about 21st century students as “Entrepreneurs of Learning” rather than “lifelong learners”? I suggest that it makes sense for two reasons: first - we live in an environment where entrepreneurs are celebrated as go-getters that are changing the world because they see themselves as the authors of their own destiny. Second, and perhaps more important, is the fact that the term “lifelong learners” is tainted by our common understanding of students as passive recipients of knowledge shaped by the “typical classroom” construct - rather than agents of their own future.


13 Mar 2018|Editor

Teaching on the Flip-side by Nicolas Matthee

The 21st century brings a wealth of challenges to the world of education including the dual function of equipping students with the applicable knowledge and 21st century skills to adapt in a vigorously changing society. Educators are left to decide which routes are best to take in responding to this challenge. Luckily, they are not alone as many other educators and researchers around the world are busy engaging with this topic.


13 Mar 2018|Editor

Country wide roadshow to explore the latest neuroscience research and memory formation

ITSI aims to educate over 500 principals and educators country wide on Mind-Brain-Education (MBE)


2 Mar 2018|Editor

First seminar in Africa on Mind-Brain- Education (MBE)

Exclusive not-to-be missed event with internationally acclaimed US authors of “Neuroteach: Brain science and the future of education” – only 200 spaces available


22 Feb 2018|Editor

Neuromyth - we only use 10% of our brains - by ITSI CEO Lieb Liebenberg

The 10% neuromyth plays itself out in different ways and variations in popular culture of which perhaps the most well-known recent example is the movie “Lucy” showing the heroine achieving amazing feats as she uses more and more of her (drug-induced) brain capacity. The movie and series “Limitless” is based on the same myth.


22 Feb 2018|Editor

Thinking outside the box by Corlia le Roux

The term Thinking outside the box originated from an experiment done in 1930 called the Nine Dot Problem. This experiment was performed by Norman Maier, an American psychologist. What the Nine Dot Problem entails, is that three rows of three dots underneath one another needs be connected, using only four lines. Solving the problem requires drawing and connecting the lines outside of the square box created by the dots. At first, it seems impossible to connect the dots using four lines. There is no rule stating that one should draw the lines within the borders of the box, yet most people try to do that


20 Feb 2018|Editor

How to Deal With a Tech Savvy Child by Suzann Prinsloo

Our kids today grow up in a world where almost any device can be connected to the Internet and/or each other. When you grew up, there were most probably no iPads, Facebook or Snapchat and your worries were confined to falling from trees or burning the house down and not whether your identity might be stolen or the possibility of a cyber bully attacking you and sending incriminating photos of you to all your friends. Today, you are responsible for raising a child whose life will revolve around digital technology and it becomes increasingly important to be able to raise tech-savvy and tech-safe individuals.


31 Jan 2018|Editor

Ntsha-Peu Primary School in Soshanguve to take their first e-learning step proudly sponsored by ITSI

25 January 2018 – PRETORIA – ITSI, the pioneering e-learning provider which enhances and simplifies the teaching and learning experience for both students and educators, is proud to announce that they have partnered with iSchoolAfrica and Jacaranda FM to provide Ntsha Peu Primary School in Soshanguve with an iPad lab and facilitation.


25 Jan 2018|Editor

ITSI to host first seminar in Africa on Mind-Brain-Education and Technology

Internationally acclaimed authors and facilitators to conduct hands-on workshop with teachers and lecturers

ITSI, the pioneering e-learning provider which enhances and simplifies the teaching and learning experience for both students and educators, will be hosting the first ever seminar in Africa on Mind-Brain-Education.


23 Jan 2018|Editor

Three ways to ensure that your teaching is even more efficient this academic year by Lieb Liebenberg, CEO of ITSI Holdings

At the beginning of the academic year, many teachers want to know if there are simple, easy to use techniques or tools which are sure to improve their teaching, i.e. result in better marks for their students. 
These three simple strategies, backed up by solid research, are sure to increase the effectiveness of your classroom:


23 Jan 2018|Editor

Wide awake in 2018 by Nicolas Matthee

In 2014, Stephen Hawking said in an interview “We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain.” The truth of this statement has only increased in relevance over the last four years, therefore our brains must be more awake than ever before.


23 Jan 2018|Editor

New Schools - January 2018

At least 25 educational institutions (mostly schools) and almost 20 000 school learners will embark on their e-learning journey this year.


17 Jan 2018|Editor

What is the real value of a matric certificate by Lieb Liebenberg, CEO of ITSI Holdings

So it is that time of the year again where the exams are done and peace has returned to homes. With many matrics already having left for the beach with their friends for a much anticipated holiday, parents probably have two wishes:


5 Dec 2017|Editor

Learning Myth: “If you can Google it, no need to study it!” by Lieb Liebenberg, CEO of ITSI Holdings

Anyone that is involved in education knows about the prominence of 21st century skills in discussions about the future of learning and that it should form an integral part of any education system which claims to prepare students for their working life. Initially the discussion was only about the 4 C’s (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication) but these have now been expanded to include Character and Citizenship as well, with Computational skills perhaps waiting in the wings to be added too…


7 Nov 2017|Editor

Save the Date - Africa's First Conference on Mind Brain Education & Technology

Does using your brain still have a purpose in a technology-driven world?


3 Nov 2017|Editor

Allen Glen High School - Case Study

Allen Glen High School is situated in Allens Nek, Roodepoort and currently has 1184 learners. Working with ITSI they are using blended learning to ensure that all learners take advantage of 21st century learning and are equipped to succeed in the modern economy.


2 Nov 2017|Editor

EduTech 2017 Highlights

Executive Head of Sales: Wikus Breetzke is featured in this highlight video from EduTech 2017 as he gives an overview of Digital Lessons an innovative package of resources available from ITSI. He provides viewers with a detailed explanation of how technology can enhance the learning process and help to develop 21st century learning in schools.


12 Oct 2017|Editor

Myths in Education - The Learning Pyramid by Lieb Liebenberg, CEO of ITSI Holdings

The Learning Pyramid is an attempt to categorise different modes of teaching in terms of their value for learning -  with “Teach others” as the most effective mode of learning something new and “Lecture” being the least effective.


9 Oct 2017|Editor

ITSI wins Supplier of the Year award for Basic Education at EduWeek 2017

EduWeek Awards recognise excellence across education ecosystem

5 Oct 2017|Editor

ITSI Launches Digital Lessons

ITSI launches collection of thousands of interactive digital resources in Math, Physical Science, Life Science and Chemistry

Interactive teaching resources in the form of photos, videos, animations, assessments and other simulations covering hundreds of various topics available as part of internationally recognised digital lessons


3 Oct 2017|Editor

Cape Recife High School - Using Technology to Enhance Learning

Cape Recife High is the largest schools of its kind in the Eastern Cape catering for learners with special needs from Grade RRR to 12. There are currently 416 learners - see how they make use of technology to enhance learning in the 21st century.


28 Sep 2017|Editor

E-Learning Success at Maragon Olympus

Maragon Olympus is an independent school catering for grade RRR to 12 learners, situated in Pretoria East, Gauteng. The school currently has more than 900 learners and around 58 teachers. They first introduced ITSI's platform in 2012 and has been key in setting the tone for the use of technology in classrooms. This is their e-learning journey.


26 Sep 2017|Editor

Upcoming Events During September and October 2017

Join us at an event near you.


12 Sep 2017|Editor

Midstream College Road Map to E-learning Success

Midstream College is an independent school catering for grade 8 to 12 learners, situated in Centurion, Gauteng. The college currently has 915 learners and around 67 teachers. Midstream College became a ITSI 21st century e-learning partner in 2016.


12 Sep 2017|Editor

Learning Styles are dead - long live content! by Lieb Liebenberg, CEO of ITSI Holdings

Learning styles are one of those topics we should no longer be spending time on - either writing or reading - very much like one would not spend time on an article about the flat earth. And yet, here we are - talking about “learning styles” once again?


30 Aug 2017|Editor

Spotlight on: Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima is a Dominican Convent School, situated in Durban North, KwaZulu-Natal. This an independent school, established in 1954, and has 640 learners and a staff of 60. They cater for girls from grade 1 to 12. 


16 Aug 2017|Liesl

Leaving footprints at WetNose

On Friday 7 July, a team from ITSI visited WetNose Animal Rescue Centre to spend the afternoon with the animals. WetNose Animal Rescue Center is a Right to Life animal shelter that rescues, rehabilitates and then re-homes abused, abandoned and neglected animals.


9 Aug 2017|Liesl

Future-proof your teaching

The pursuit of knowledge in the 21st century has never been easier than it is with technology granting us access to unlimited resources and self-improvement guidance – even in an ever-changing world and educational market.


2 Aug 2017|Liesl

Honouring students

ITSI invited the Honors Informatics students at the University of Pretoria to analyse our online store in terms of user experience. Through user-testing, problem areas and challenges had to be identified. 


6 Jul 2017|Liesl

1 month, 10 events, more than 400 educators

Since 2014, ITSI annually embarks on a roadshow throughout the country to educate and inform
schools on e-learning, as well as the new features offered through our platform.


29 Jun 2017|Liesl

ITSI CEO Lieb Liebenberg finalist for FNB Business Innovator of the Year 2017

The annual FNB Business Innovation Awards recognise and celebrate the efforts of high-impact entrepreneurs who have embraced many challenges to create world-class, innovative and scalable companies that continue to forge unique ways of doing business.


22 Jun 2017|Liesl

E-learning in primary schools

Within 21st century education, e-learning is likely one of the most complex terms that we use on a frequent basis. In this article, “e-learning” refers to the use of ICT in conjunction with traditional face-to-face educational methods in the classroom, therefore providing a blended learning experience.


25 Apr 2017|Liesl

Spotlight on: Laerskool Stellenbosch

Many primary schools are still hesitant to place tablets in the hands of their learners. The schools that have taken the decision to do so, however, can’t see themselves ever returning to hard copies and even go so far as to raise concerns over high schools not embracing technology to its full extent.


20 Apr 2017|Liesl

Teachers getting tech-smart

In June 2015, Vodacom, in partnership with ITSI, rolled out its initial Smart School Project to five schools in the Free State.


14 Feb 2017|Liesl

Spotlight on: The principal of Allen Glen High School

In 2014, Allen Glen High School started their e-learning journey with ITSI and three years later, Principal Dr Johan Wiehahn, still believes that it was the right move. Initially they wanted to move away from hard copy textbooks, but did not want to disrupt their teaching and learning. Today, we are proud to say that Allen Glen is one of the schools that constantly challenges ITSI to create even better tools to assist schools through technology.


7 Feb 2017|Liesl

Implementation success

As many of the schools – making use of the e-learning tools provided by ITSI  – already know, implementation during January is a team effort. From Wi-Fi setup and new devices, to tech upgrades and more, our Support team did it all. 


31 Jan 2017|Liesl

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