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About miEbooks


The miEbooks app serves as an e‑book reader and can be downloaded to any Android, iOS or Windows device. Each user is given unique login details for the app that allows them to access their personal e‑book library.

The app enables students to add notes to specific sections of a textbook, make highlights, add freehand sketches and generate automated summaries of highlighted text for study purposes. All the student's notes, sketches and highlights are stored on the tablet and backed-up in the cloud. This means that should a student lose his/her tablet, they can simply download the app and their e‑books on a new device at no extra cost. With the ITSI Solution, Your content finds you™.

Students gain access to personalised content, additional multimedia resources and curriculum standard material in a single location. They can also access and complete assessments created by their educators, whereafter the results are automatically sent back to the educator.

The miEbooks app has an integrated calendar where educators can send homework and share upcoming events with students. Newsletters can also be sent to all students, saving paper and print costs ‒ making miEbooks a one-stop solution for all educational needs.

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