About ITSI

ITSI was established in 2000 under the banner of IT School Intellect, providing ICT and an integrated IT curriculum to both private and public schools in all nine provinces in South Africa. In 2006, IT School Innovation was formed and evolved to include all subjects, thereby making it more relevant to both students and educators in all learning areas. Since then, the organisation grew to not only incorporate all subjects, but also to develop mobile learning solutions that evolved into the ITSI Solution – the cornerstone of the business today.

In November 2013, financial services company, PSG, acquired a 50% shareholding in ITSI Holdings to extend its interest in the education sector.

In 2016, ITSI moved beyond the territories of South Africa with the implementation of the ITSI Solution in Namibia and a pilot project in the UK.

ITSI provides educators and students with a digital solution that enhances and simplifies the teaching experience at every touchpoint. Our teaching technologies are designed with the educator in mind, enabling them to easily combine their own content – both found and personally created – with the most up-to-date curriculum content from leading publishers or the Internet. Our products are designed to work with all major smart device operating systems, enabling educators, lecturers, and facilitators to deliver student-specific content to any device. Our on-site and off-site technical support ensures that our solution continues to work at optimum levels.

ITSI is a member of both PASA and Adessa.

ITSI Values

We are – first and foremost – an education company
We will ensure that whatever we add has a measurable impact on learning, even as we continue to grow. We will not launch features that will not add educational value.

We focus on our customers
Although we pay attention to our competitors, we will focus on what our customers need. We focus on providing the best customer experience to all our customers on-site and offline. We do not mislead our customers, or try to sell them solutions that are not to their benefit. We are willing to say no to our customer.

We want to enhance teaching and learning – not to disrupt it
Our product offering supports a variety of different teaching and learning methods, and we try not to force a ‘one size fits all’ model. We take pride in providing solutions across all major operating systems, technologies, curriculums, and content providers, providing flexibility for schools, teachers and learners.

We will continuously raise the bar for our people
We hire, develop and reward exceptional people who can grow the business – people who take ownership, have bias for action, learn from their mistakes and create trust. We hire and reward people who share our passion, people who deliver results. We don’t believe in saying ‘that is not my job’.

We place innovation and diversity of thought at the centre of what we do
We celebrate innovation and new ideas from all levels of the organisation. We challenge each other’s ideas and decisions to improve them, and we take advantage of our differing opinions – appreciating the diversity of our people and thoughts.

We care for each other
We work hard, but we look after each member of our team. We recognise our successes and take time to reflect on what we learn from our disappointments. We enjoy what we do and we laugh a lot... often at ourselves.