Teaching and Learning

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The ITSI platform works within any learning environment, with any content, on any device and provides a state of the art, flexible solution for 21st century education. It makes learning visible and transparent by providing rich data on student engagement with textbooks, multimedia content and assessments.

E‑learning Overview


ITSI provides students and educators with thousands of educational titles from local and international publishers and authors to choose from.

ITSI offers an online tool to assist educational institutions, publishers and parents to order and manage e‑books. It allows publishers and authors to upload, validate and encrypt e‑books before making them available for online purchase. E‑books can be accessed, selected and purchased with ease, and are delivered straight to your personal miEbooks library.

Educator Console

The ITSI Educator Console is an advanced educator tool set that works in conjunction with miEbooks. ITSI's Pushing Content™ allows educators to create, manage and insert learning resources directly into students' textbooks.

Educators can embed any URL that links to additional educational resources, blogs and Internet articles. They can also insert additional images, videos, PDFs or text documents to enhance the overall learning experience. Class tests and homework assignments can be added as calendar events, along with personalised assessments. Educators can also create Teaching Plans through this function. The ITSI Educator Console is an unparalleled content delivery system.


ITSI transforms formative assessments from a cumbersome process to an efficient teaching and diagnostic tool. This tool allows educators to easily identify learning issues and address them immediately. Educators can identify which material is problematic to which groups of students and similarly drill down to individual levels with the click of a button to see precisely where each learner struggles.

Classroom Activity Monitor

ITSI Classroom Activity Monitor (CAM) is an educator-friendly console for managing content and learners. CAM enables educators to monitor exactly what learners are doing on their devices during class time, and provides a real-time overview of class behaviour.

CAM also allows for individual behaviour monitoring to see how learners engage with their textbooks and the additional resources provided by educators. This allows educators to identify gaps in students’ understanding and address issues as they arise.

Blended Learning


ITSI analytics and statistics are great for research purposes as educators can observe how much time students spend using the miEbooks app, and principals can monitor how many resources educators push into students’ textbooks.

Analytics includes daily student activity, maximal hourly student activity, in‑book frequency, pages saved information, resources pushed and more. Both principals and educators have access to this valuable information.

Educational Resources

ITSI provides educational institutions with multiple open educational resources that educators can push into e‑books to enhance the learning experience for students. These resources include any additional material like images, videos, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, URLs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, text files and assessments. These resources can be added and accessed on the Educator Console.

Premium resources like yTeach are also available on the ITSI system.

The ITSI Resource Store is the perfect teaching companion for educators who want to enhance their lessons with videos, class exercises, simulations, animations and complete whiteboard lessons. The ITSI Resource Store provides educators with over 50 000 interactive, professional resources for Grades 4 to 12.

Training and Support

ITSI's support personnel continuously assist and train educators to ensure a smooth transition to the ITSI Solution. Educators are empowered to truly combine traditional teaching and learning with the best technology has to offer in a process to enhance the entire learning experience.

Training and support include the following:

  • Initial training of educators and role-players on the new software.
  • Initial mobile device training – for educators and learners.
  • Continuous on-site support and/or training.
  • Continuous training for educators on software features.
  • Online/telephonic support throughout the duration of the contract.
  • Change management.